Being obsessed and passionate about learning how these cars were built and how they could be rebuilt to even better then new, had lead me to Restore countless old Mustangs. Im Glenn Benza and for over 35 years I have loved, owned and enjoyed 1969 Mustangs. Rather then opening a typical restoration shop which caters to most any old classic car, in 2005 I started Benza Motors with the intention of being a unique business. The thought was to specialize not just in old Mustangs, but the 69 Mustang.

With the experience from already having restored so many of our own cars, customers can rest assured that their car will be done right and to the highest possible level of quality. Our attention to detail is of the utmost importance in building these cars.

Paint quality, engine durability, and patience in assembly are some of our priorities in restoring our cars. Unlike so many of the reality car shows on tv, we don’t strive for quickly throwing cars together, just to rush them out the door. We even spend weeks after completion to test cars and check everything possible to insure your car will perform as good as it looks!

Since we consider these cars to be serious investments, special care is applied not just to the quality of the restoration but also the accuracy of the car itself. Too often cars are built to look good, but resale value is hurt when future collectors find details that are not correct. Our goal is to exceed expectations in every way, create an asset that will rise in value, look great and perform as it should for years to come.

We welcome all customers to inspect our finished cars from current inventory and trust that their restoration will result in the same level of quality and attention to detail.

Our restorations feature an entire “nut and bolt” rotisserie process. Starting with media blasting down to bare metal, and resulting in the best possible and longest lasting final paint finish. Then assembly consists of the installation of all the restored and or replaced parts and components. Freshly rebuilt and correct engines, transmissions and drivetrains. Concourse correct new fuel systems, suspensions and steering components are always installed. Finally, new wheels, tires and a complete new interior is installed to create what now is essentially a brand new car. If you want your dream car to become a reality, Benza Motors can make it happen!

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